The Smell of Spring

My sniffer has gotten even more sensitive recently.  I have no idea why this is, but I know my mother could smell saltines on someone’s saliva while she stood in a different room.  No kidding.  There were no secrets as to who took the last cookie. 

            I must be related to Misty who checks out my nose every day as she sits on my lap.  I never experienced a cat sniffing the air that goes in and out of my lungs before.  I think it’s like shaking hands with someone you meet, or a quick kiss on the cheek of a friend.

            But I’m not talking about noses or saltines.  I’m talking about the change in the air outdoors.  The experience of walking up the driveway to the mailbox is different from just a week ago.  We’ve felt the hints everywhere that spring is practically here.  The media has been commenting on the early season for months.

            Do you smell it too?  The air is warm, and crisp.   Flowers and trees are sending out pheromones besides generous doses of pollen.  A pair of cardinals is chasing each other in and around the azaleas in the garden.  Their romance and play raises my heart rate and makes me glad.

            I breathe in deeply, savoring the coming of new life.  It’s as if a baby is ready to be born.  My son’s childhood friend just became a mother.  We were waiting with hope and joy for the baby’s arrival.  And now she’s here, at the cusp of her life, celebrated by her family and all her friends. 

            We’re waiting for the eruption of leaves and flowers, standing on the edge, waiting for the wind to sweep across the garden and announce it’s really here.  Maybe it will be today.



About writerladyjane

I'm a writer with a finished memoir, titled Images. Most of the blog posts relate to the general subject of my memoir and are about my experience of Federal Agents entering my home and arresting my then-husband for child pornography, as well as the following two years of threats on me. There are also posts that are of a lighter nature and some to do with my travels, especially a trip around the world I took with my daughter. I have an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University and live in Westport, CT.
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