My Father’s Birthday

  My father phoned me today and arranged to stop by my house, after getting a haircut.  He’s preparing for the big event this Saturday, at my house.  It will be his birthday party and the guests will be his closest friends.  I’ve been planning this celebration  for weeks.

 In addition to what I hope will be a very good meal, the finale will be a cake created by the best cake-lady around – Dale Lamberty. 

 Here’s her creation from his last birthday.


   The blue and white convertible is his 1938 Type 57C Bugatti – which we often refer to as the Wedding Car.  It’s an elegant, as well as a high performance vehicle.  I get a thrill merely thinking about the sound of the whine from the supercharger.  

 The Bugatti has carried many brides on the way to the church.  In 2000, on a mild November day, my daughter Susan and her maid of honor were escorted to the Unitarian Church in Westport in this magnificent automobile.

  My father and I cleaned it, inside and out, polished every visible part, shined all the chrome, and conditioned the leather in preparation for Susan, the most important bride.  We were filthy afterwards, but there was not one smear of grease or oil or dust or dirt anywhere to smudge her white gown.

 Don’t tell him, but the car that will be on this year’s cake will be his Ferrari 330.  I’ve sent the photo to Dale and trust that she’ll work her artistic magic on this cake too.

 Here’s a sneak preview – the car but without the cake.  That comes Saturday.


  I’ve been so fortunate to have lived near my father almost all of my adult life, just two and a half miles apart for the last thirty-seven years.  With my mother, we worked together for thirty of them at the family business, Alden O. Sherman Co., Inc.  The company made airfoils – intricate components of gas turbine engines.  We supplied these part to all the jet engine manufacturers, until 2006, when we sold the company.

 It was quite a change for him after fifty-five years with the corporation that he founded, but he channeled his attention to delve deeper in his numerous activities and interests.  He remains active and involved in everything that is of significance to him, including his family and cars.

 He’s a fine grandfather for Susan and Michael and great grandfather for Trevor. He’s always been a wonderful father for me.  With plenty of energy and tremendous intelligence, he focuses on what fascinates and challenges him. 


So Happy 94th Birthday, Alden Sherman,

the most fantastic father anyone could ever have.

I know how lucky I am!


About writerladyjane

I'm a writer with a finished memoir, titled Images. Most of the blog posts relate to the general subject of my memoir and are about my experience of Federal Agents entering my home and arresting my then-husband for child pornography, as well as the following two years of threats on me. There are also posts that are of a lighter nature and some to do with my travels, especially a trip around the world I took with my daughter. I have an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University and live in Westport, CT.
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4 Responses to My Father’s Birthday

  1. Destenie says:

    What a blessing! Happy Birthday to your father, Jane!! Wishing him many more!!

  2. Thanks Destenie. I’ll tell him!

  3. tinademarco says:

    So sweet of you to celebrate your father in such a way. He must be very proud of you.

  4. Rick says:

    Lovely in every way.

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