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Monday Night in the Emergency Room

I remember being in the local Hospital Emergency Room with my elderly mother almost a decade ago. A couple of those visits were on a Saturday night and that was when the patients provided the biggest show in town. Drunks … Continue reading

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Poppies vs. Crocus – Afghanistan

While sitting on a local Afghani bus, Susan and I bounced along and listened to goats, held securely by their owners, as they bleated from the rear of the bus. They would get off at the next town to be … Continue reading

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An Angry Neighbor

Last weekend, at the house on Candlewood Lake, the next door neighbor went into a rage when he thought that Maury was watching his college-age daughters with binoculars. Maury had been watching successful and unsuccessful boat docking for hints for … Continue reading

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Misprision of a Felony

After my husband, Paul, was dragged off by the Feds and arrested for possession of child pornography, his lawyer, Bill Westcott, told me that the government was looking for a way to arrest me too. I listened to this young … Continue reading

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Another Burberry Ad

In 1998 I was one of many women who read Anna Quindlen’s novel Black and Blue. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve re-read the story of a woman who is beaten and eventually leaves her husband. After … Continue reading

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Burberry’s Kiddy Porn Ad

My first reaction was shock, when I saw the back page of the January 14th New York Times Style section. After staring at the two girls in Burberry floppy coats over skimpy underpants, I realized the same-ole dictum exists for … Continue reading

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Thursday December 17th, 2015

One of my fellow authors in the Fairfield Library Writer’s Group reminds me, at regular intervals, that “There’s not enough of Jane” in the piece I’ve just shared. “We want to know what you feel,” she tells me, with an … Continue reading

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