The Wife of the Orlando Nightclub Shooter


Noor Salman, the wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter, was arrested yesterday for obstructing the investigation into her husband Omar Mateen’s mass shooting, the New York Times reported.  She was also charged with aiding and abetting, by providing material support for the attack on the nightclub, where her husband gunned down forty-nine people.

Now, I have no idea if these charges are reasonable or not, but they bring back memories when the Feds threatened to arrest me, for obstruction of justice. I had locked my bedroom door for privacy, when I wanted to change from my nightgown into clothing. The agent in charged slammed his shoulder into the bedroom door and split it away from the frame. Then the whole group stampeded into my walk-in closet.

The Feds also attempted to intimidate me, saying I should have known what my then-husband was doing, when he received internet child pornography. They were certain I must have known what was going on in the house, where we both lived. But I didn’t.

I might have let this comparison go and not felt compelled to compare my experience with Noor Salman’s, because, as immoral as my husband’s crime was, it wasn’t murder.

Of course, those little girls, whose photos he collected were not volunteering to pose. They had been either kidnapped or sold by their parents. Every man who views such pictures contributes to the sexual slavery of these children. The owners of the photos make money from the pedophiles who view them. There’s no incentive for them to stop. It’s their business.

Noor Salman said she didn’t know what her husband was doing. After all, she was beaten and verbally abused by Mateen. I would think her efforts would have been to protect herself, not assist him. The Feds can only guess and go ahead with either the threat of an arrest (as they did with me) or actually press charges (as they have done with her).

Maybe she’s just as innocent as I was. Perhaps she just doesn’t have as good a lawyer as I did.

About writerladyjane

I'm a writer with a finished memoir, titled Images. Most of the blog posts relate to the general subject of my memoir and are about my experience of Federal Agents entering my home and arresting my then-husband for child pornography, as well as the following two years of threats on me. There are also posts that are of a lighter nature and some to do with my travels, especially a trip around the world I took with my daughter. I have an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University and live in Westport, CT.
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1 Response to The Wife of the Orlando Nightclub Shooter

  1. Very interesting comparison. Funny – I had similar thoughts about her in comparison to you – meaning she’s probably innocent and was draped in fear – of her husband and of the Feds. Nice job!

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