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Westport’s Latest Child Pornography Arrest

Car wrecks, drug sales, domestic violence, shootings. We’re used to reading reports on local news sites about such events. Some, I merely skim over and others I ignore. Unless I know the people involved, which is rare, I don’t bother … Continue reading

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Misprision of a Felony

After my husband, Paul, was dragged off by the Feds and arrested for possession of child pornography, his lawyer, Bill Westcott, told me that the government was looking for a way to arrest me too. I listened to this young … Continue reading

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He’s Better After the Surgery

I never expected to have this turn-about in my feelings and opinions. I thought that my recent compassionate view towards my former husband, because of his physical suffering with colon cancer, was permanent. After all, his arrest and incarceration began … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Sick In Prison

While the majority of the more than a million and a half American prisoners are young, Black or Hispanic men, there are also old, white men, who are confined behind bars, here in the land of the free.           Today, … Continue reading

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My PTSD is Back

It’s always the thoughtful opinion pieces in the New York Times that prompt me to think about the horrors of today’s events. So many current tragedies and suffering bring me to myself. A recent essay by Pico Iyer, in September … Continue reading

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