Taking the Knee


Trump had plenty to say about the NFL players who kneeled during the singing of the national anthem. Other players stood, but locked arms. Still, more sat on the bench during the singing. Trump railed against all of these football players. His words evoked strong responses across the country. Many agreed with Trump’s criticism. His twitter account lit up with his.
It was as if Trump thought he represented America and those who didn’t stand, didn’t show him respect. The President didn’t seem to understand their “taking the knee” was to protest racial inequality or to criticize him for his reaction against those who didn’t stand. So fixated on this protest, he seemed barely to notice the mass killing of 59 people at a Las Vegas country music festival. He reacted as if he was personally insulted by the athletes’ demonstration, yet not much offended by the gun violence a few days earlier.
October 3rd’s New York Times editorial headline states that in the past “477 Days, 521 Mass Shootings. Zero Action by Congress”. These facts show the world Trump’s predisposition to focus on the trivial and make it all about him, pushing aside what is important.
Our government has been doing nothing about changing gun laws for years. Every time there’s another mass shooting, we’re upset and talk about having the victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers. What we need is Congress to stand up to the National Rifle Association and actually pass gun control laws that will make a difference. I really thought that when all those children were killed in Sandy Hook, Congress would finally act. But no, the powerful NRA has too much influence.
We need to do something, which is what we say after every mass shooting. Connecticut’s Senator Chris Murphy is speaking out. Maybe he can make a difference. I know I’m interested in working with him.

About writerladyjane

I'm a writer with a finished memoir, titled Images. Most of the blog posts relate to the general subject of my memoir and are about my experience of Federal Agents entering my home and arresting my then-husband for child pornography, as well as the following two years of threats on me. There are also posts that are of a lighter nature and some to do with my travels, especially a trip around the world I took with my daughter. I have an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University and live in Westport, CT.
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2 Responses to Taking the Knee

  1. Morgan says:

    Beautifully, articulately, and artfully expressed, as always. Thank you. Love, Morgan

  2. So true, Jane. This administration is deaf to almost everything except praise for the Commander-in-Chief! Shameful.

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