Sam and the Mountain Lion


“Sam, wake up, breakfast is ready,” said Jason.

Sam, the Samoyed, ran into the kitchen and howled to say good morning. He quickly walked to his big bowl of food and smelled the delicious aroma of the chicken kibble. He ate it all in just two minutes.

“Good boy, Sam,” Jason said, and patted his side. “Let’s go outside for your morning walk.

Sam was excited to go along a path in the woods. He didn’t have to wear a leash because he was already well trained. They ran together through the pine forest for about ten minutes.

Sam started barking and growling. Jason whipped around and said, “What’s wrong, Sam?”

Sam kept barking, louder and louder. He heard a growl and noticed some movement behind a few pine trees. The growl sounded as if it was coming from a big cat. He stared for a couple of seconds at the spot where the tree moved and suddenly a giant mountain lion jumped from behind the tree and began to run towards them.

Jason felt paralyzed with fear and stood still. Sam kept growling and barking very loudly and ran in front of Jason to protect him. Then he showed his teeth and charged at the mountain lion. Sam tried to bite the big cat on the neck but the mountain lion was too strong, attacked Sam and bit him on the neck.

Sam cried out in pain. The mountain lion let go. Sam ran and Jason dashed with him, back to their house.

Blood gushed out of Sam’s wound, but they kept running. Fortunately, the mountain lion didn’t follow them.

Jason cried, “Sam, you’re bleeding like crazy. We have to get home fast to get you to the Vet.”

As soon as they entered the house, Sam limped inside and Jason hurried to the phone to call Dr. Smith.

“Thanks, Doc, We’ll be right over,” Jason said on the phone.

Jason sprinted to the bathroom to get a clean hand towel while Sam lay whimpering in pain, on the kitchen floor. Jason placed the towel on the wound and put pressure on it. Sam whined in agony from the mountain lion’s bite.

Jason said, “Let’s go, Sam. We’re going to see Dr. Smith to get your gash checked out.” Sam limped to the car and Jason helped him in.

As soon as they arrived, the vet motioned them to enter the office. Jason told him what had happened.

Dr. Smith said, “Oh my! That’s a big wound. Let’s get you cleaned up, Sam. Maybe you need a stitch or two.”

After it was all over, Sam felt a little better and Jason was relieved.

When they arrived home, Jason built a fire in the fireplace and Sam finished up his food. When the room was nice and warm, Sam curled up in his dog bed by the fire.

Trevor Cooper, guest writer

About writerladyjane

I'm a writer with a finished memoir, titled Images. Most of the blog posts relate to the general subject of my memoir and are about my experience of Federal Agents entering my home and arresting my then-husband for child pornography, as well as the following two years of threats on me. There are also posts that are of a lighter nature and some to do with my travels, especially a trip around the world I took with my daughter. I have an MFA in creative writing from Fairfield University and live in Westport, CT.
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1 Response to Sam and the Mountain Lion

  1. Lynda Bluestein says:

    That was an exiting story!!! Having been the adoptive parent of two Samoyds, Whitney and McKinley, I was completely drawn into the story about Sam. Great job Trevor.

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